Parking at Chinnor Village Hall


Parking front and rear at Chinnor Village Hall

Chinnor Village Hall has two car parks.

Front car park has a capacity for approximately 10 cars including disabled parking

Rear car park has a capacity of 50 parking spaces

Access is via Church Road and through the entrance barrier at Chinnor Village Hall.


The rear car park at one time was a wilderness, unkempt and very overgrown. However, in approximately 1993, parking was becoming a problem when the Chinnor Musical Theatre (now known as the Chiltern Musical Theatre) and Chinnor Players were performing in the hall. Cars were stretched all along Church Road. The then committee decided that the wasteland be attended to in order to provide additional parking for the use of Chinnor Village Hall users only.  The idea was to have the area cleared of all the scrubland and green netting laid down so that cars would not get stuck in the mud. Moving on into the 1990's the area was then re-surfaced with tarmac. This being at that time to be the most suitable hard standing surface for car parking.

The original car park sign can still be seen on the low right hand side wall advising residents the car park was for the use of Village hall hirers only.  This in recent years has been followed up by a very large banner hung on the safety rails outside the old front door, carrying the same message.

These measure are in place so that our hirers and their guests on arriving have full use of the parking spaces which they pay for within their hire of the hall(s) fee. No body wants to turn up for an event and find the car park is unavailable due to non hirers taking up the spaces.







Parking is not permitted along the side driveway as this could hinder an emergency vehicle gaining access to the rear of the hall